My name is Jura Glo and I live to provide transformational experiences.

I study the human perception and behavior. I see myself as a little scientist walking around the world, contemplating my experiences and making my own conclusions disregarding the historical, social, cultural or traditional narratives (aka knowledge). I’m unlearning the norm in order to experience the unknown. I’m getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I create my own experiences to replace my beliefs and share the process to those who invite me to do so.

I share my perspectives through my projects in order to challenge people’s beliefs, evoke awareness, broaden perception, leave a question, provide a perspective to use it as a focus point to end the loops of thoughts and to move forward/backward with compassion.

All the work I do and events/workshops/retreats I organize and support are verified by my own experience and are transformational. I work with people whose work is life changing. Together we believe in changing the paradigm for the better.

I believe in human experience and imagination. This is my thesis for now. I’m here to learn and share and I believe that you are here to learn and share. This is how we create the world together – all of us consciously or not. The more of us conscious creators – the more of the world that works for most of us.

Things I do:

  • I organize transformational events and support powerful people in creating spaces for transformational experiences. My organization is devoted to bringing people together for sharing, exchanging, connecting and creating honestly in vulnerability & power. Check out TransformWork – Workshops & Retreats – transforming the concept of work and relationships we take seriously.
  • I facilitate workshops together with professional gifted and powerful people of Berlin and around the world. Please find Radical Honesty in Berlin and Magic of Love projects.
  • I coach people in need for clarity, emotional cleanse & support, and facilitate intense conversations between people by request based on Radical Honesty, Gestalt therapy, and Tantra.
  • I offer 90 min sessions on Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality, Deep Healing Intimacy, Conscious Touch, Rawnesty (Radical Honesty) and personal Empowerment. CONTACT ME to arrange 10 min call and the next session based on what and how you want to work on.
  • I massage and work with energy bodies. I do Tantra Massage Therapy to bring balance and harmony of the body and sooth/eliminate dis-eases/stress/emotional blockages through loving and nurturing touch. CONTACT ME for a 4-hour session.
  • I support people in challenges in telling the truth, feeling worthy, weird and alive by claiming my truth and sharing my raw sophisticated experience. Check out my blog.