Magic of Love

Magic of Love is a not-for-proft organization that was founded by Nadav Or in 2010 in Israel. We have the vision to support people in waking up to their truth, to acknowledge how beautiful and amazing they really are.

Magic of Love supports people to release shame, guilt and fear about their true nature. We facilitate them to access the most powerful, creative, life force energy. This energy can be used for healing, meditation, pleasure, conscious creations, abundance and self-realization. Participants have described our approach as down-to-earth, sensitive and with powerful techniques.



  1. Responsibility
    We practise to take responsibility for everything in our lives. We come to realize that there is nothing outside of ourselves but reflections and interpretations that we could learn from—“It is never about the other person!”
  2. Magic
    We believe that our life is wonderful, magical and full of abundance if we trust, accept with gratitude and surrender to whatever comes on our path. Whatever we believe in is exactly what we experience in our lives. We believe that transformations can be done in a heartbeat. This is what we call magic—a small change in myself makes my whole world change!
  3. Sharing
    For us, the secret of life is sharing and giving. When I choose to share, I create abundance in my life. From smiling to a stranger, speaking my truth and sharing my gifts. Sharing my love is expanding the magic!

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