– an intelligently designed Tantra workshop – 

Regularly in Berlin


  • How often do you touch yourself?
  • How often do you touch your partner?
  • Would you like to learn the secrets of a mindblowing orgasmic whole body healing touch? 
  • Would you like to explore it with yourself and your partner(-to-be)?

I want you to open up arms, minds and hearts to the experience of self-love, healing and pleasure!

The workshop is for couples, singles and all gender identities. 

What is important to know?

  • All clothes on. No nudity
  • All consensual
  • You are free to explore as much as you feel comfortable. No need to go beyond boundaries unless you wish for it
  • We agree to take a full responsibility of our experience, take charge of our requests&responses
  •  The group’s confidentiality is one of the agreements we’ll take before we start the workshop
  • The workshop is designed to be sensual, not sexual. Vulnerability is encouraged and emotions are welcome
  • Please bring blindfolds & wear comfortable clothes to move freely


Price: online €25+ transfer fees, at the door €30

Do you have any questions? – Please feel free to contact me here



Description of the Conscious Touch evening:

It is a flow workshop which focus is to play with a conscious touch – a consensual, slow, filled with attention and loving healing vibe touch you have never experienced before. 

We flow in with emotional release, shaking of daily struggles, shame, guilt, and sexual frustration. We dive deep into a self-pleasure-ritual devoted to sexual freedom, social liberation, self-nurturing and total self-expression, after which you are guided by your senses rather than your mind to make decisions that feel good in your body; empower yourself by expressing your boundaries and desires in a format of wheel of consent – giving, receiving, taking, allowing – so you can eventually practice – CONSCIOUS TOUCH with a partner (or solo if desired) – share your unconditional love and healing.

The experience of flow creates a safe space to explore. You are encouraged to communicate your boundaries and desires, ask for support if wanted. I hold the space for you to come back to your heart and share conscious healing/sensual/sexual/what-you-make-of-it touch. It’s ok if you are feeling insecure about it, not sure, not ready… Slowing down supports you in stepping out of your thoughts and allow yourself to give and receive.


Much love, Jura.


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