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El Castillo is our Home, Transformational Cosmic Playground where you are welcome at all times ❤

Zenon, Cosmic Pirates Inc, lives in his father’s house and shares it with everyone. Radical Inclusion & Acceptance.

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Let me introduce you to a beautiful house, built and shaped like a castle in Guatemala. It is called “The Castle” – El Castillo in Spanish. It’s a piece of land on a gorgeous mountain on the sacred lake Atitlan. I got there the night before Free Your Heart! retreat in March 2017, which I helped to coordinate. This castle was supposed to be our retreat space.

Before I arrived I was told to take warm clothes with me and charge my electronic gadgets beforehand because there is no electricity and hot water is available only on sunny days. When I arrived it was dark, people in the house were cooking on a fire, it was a bit chilly so we all cuddled and snuggled under sheets and blankets. The first thing I noticed – there were no windows! The cold air was caressing my nose and wind was blowing melodies – the whole house was sounding big and great. A lot of male energy, I thought…

Sleeping Temple.

The next day I checked the whole house, the platform with the most stunning view, the food garden, and the dry toilet. This is not possible for a tantra retreat! I thought. Actually, I silently internally panicked and felt helpless… All those expectations I won’t be able to fulfill – it’s cold here, no hot water, food is available when cooked on fire with wood and most importantly there were no windows to protect the participants from the wind! During tantric massage and naked oily sessions, we’ll freeze! I thought… I appeared (pretended to be) in controlled and surrendered to the unknown of the place. I blamed Nadav, the facilitator, for all the bad things in the world at that time.

Selfie while peeing in nature of Carlos peeing in nature.

The people in the house were uber helpful – they were committed to giving everything we wanted for the retreat: they decorated the space, the ladies put some women touch inside, men brought wood, I was intrigued with the idea of cooking food on fire, and the potential of a community, and also worried how much time and energy just the maintenance of the place will take besides the retreat. 7 days…  A Whole week without electricity, gas, hot water, basic hygiene in the kitchen and wind isolation. Sucks to be me!

How do you like your mirror? Treat with Love & Respect

After the week long Tantra journey, we all bonded so magically well, I never made fire but I learned to ask somebody else to do it for me. I understood the importance of having a fire in the house of COLD, the community aspect of it, beauty of sharing food and cooking together while sitting on the fire. I stayed in the house longer. Most of the participants, even those who were repulsed by the place at the beginning, stayed for days after. We bonded. We shared food, chores, cuddles, and blues. I found myself calling the place my home and every time I would leave to San Marcos, the town 1 hour away by car and boat, I was already planning when I get back home – to the Castle.

Community Bond

The perception of time disappeared. The need to do sth, to be productive vanished. I felt content and complete. I connected to trees and the mountain. I spent time on the platform connecting to the stars and the lake. I felt like the being of the universe, vast and expansive and fully connected to the rest of the bee hive – universe. Truly unforgettable.

One morning I looked at the house, seeing the infinite potentiality of the place and asked Rafa how much would it cost to put up windows in the house, to isolate it from the wind? He said around $1000. That’s all???? I asked surprised. I thought if 1000 of my facebook friends send at least $1 to your account, we got our windows! Just $1 each and it will be covered! How ridiculous that nobody has done it yet. I mean, I get it, no windows have its charm in the house and still… I would like the space to be insulated from sand, dust, rain, and cold. I’ll do it, I said to myself. God damn easy. Just $1 dollar each in exchange for the possibility to retreat to this place yourself.

Fire brings us together <3

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Everyone is welcome. You are welcome. Will you send us $1? Will you ask your people to send it to us? If so, choose “Friends & Family” on Paypal and send $1 to Zenon using email zenonschafer(at)  $5 if you want to! I want to. And I’ll see you in El Castillo soon. Much Love <3


Happy after poopoo release.

What other say about El Castillo

Cosmic Pirates Inc. feat El Castillo
Mission: a retreat place where people can escape from the world; and through moving shit from here to there and experiencing magic, they can learn how to be patient and dream. A school for relaxation creation cultivation and communication, and a space where people can celebrate love and freedom.

What to expect? whatever tickles your fancy.

Let expectation at the front gate. Come into the club house you and your relations dreamt up in childhood. Respect is key, self respect; treat all you encounter as a reflection of your self. Move freely, out of the flow, into the realm of sacred spontaneity.

What ever you feel driven to do, go ahead; allow yourself to move freely. Take off your shoes and feel the earth, our place of being and transcending. When you are at peace, sit in front of the Lake and the volcanoes, on the platform where the old ruin lies.

Let Go of everything keeping yourself chained, drowned; relax deeply and keep inspecting and inquiring. Here amidst stillness and awe we will sing and eat by the fire, grow our own food, and nourish our souls. Give only what you felt you’ve received. If you felt nothing, give nothing; if the opposite give openly, travel lightly.

I see this place as a strange and tranquil oasis, a place to breathe, to relax, and to go with that into the world, sharing what you felt. A place which we carry together, where out of unity and compassion, comes harmony. A place where people come to hold the dialogue, to talk and see, to come to terms, and embrace that highest monstrosity and greatest of gifts; our self. Help us carry each other in this grand ceremony we call life. No rules. To all my relations.

– El waiter Zenon Schafer