Do you like your body?

Most of us have a really weird perception of our bodies. Some parts are pretty, some are shameful, some need to be emphasised, others hidden.

How come we divide our bodies into areas of good and bad? The most beautiful women on the plant feel ugly and disgusting, and the most gorgeous men find ways how to perfect themselves because they’re not good enough.

There is a way to get over your own nagging about your looks.

You can as well keep it and tell yourself that putting on makeup every day, choosing clothes that don’t “make you” look fat/too skinny, or skipping a meal or adding extra fat in your diet is good for you.

Fact is, you want to change something in yourself by adjusting the outside world to fit your ideas about you. That’s a lot of work!

Time to do some honesty, open up and look inside.

Learn how to work with your own mind and body so you can put yourself at peace whenever you want it. Don’t be the victim of your mind, take charge of it and align your self-image to reality.

Time to look in a mirror and align your thoughts with reality – look at your self as you are and create a new relationship with your own being.

I invite you to this event where every each of us will stand in front of a mirror naked and name things we like and don’t like about our bodies. That simple yet powerful when done in the therapeutic background with the support of the group. You will never see yourself in the same way again. You are going to have a completion of the bullshit story you have about yourself.

We will do radical honesty work in the group and embodying practices to feel more and be more. Once connected, bonded and liberated in our expression, we undress. For those who are ready to do so. You can as well stop there and support others in their process of revealing themselves. It’s incredibly humbling experience and a true beauty to be part of. I hope you’ll join us.

“I decided to undress in front of the camera to claim freedom, appreciate my own beauty and the dignity of my body. According to my experience, the act of “undressing” breaks barriers imposed by clothes and gives people a sense of unity between mind and body.” – Raquel’s interview for Ovelha Mag.

This is a NAKED WORKSHOP for EXCLUSIVE WOMEN who are ready to FALL IN LOVE with their Bodies again.

Embrace your true nature, sexuality & connect to the essence of your being through body honesty.

— If you are not a woman, you are on a duty to invite one.—

Places limited to 10 ladies, hurry up, time to acknowledge that bikini body you’re wearing ;)

Price: 90 EUR

Price includes personal coaching and after-care with the group and the trainer 2 weeks after the workshop.


Questions, concerns, suggestions?
Don’t hesitate to contact me via email workshops(at) or directly on F-book Jura Glo

Jura Glo is a Radical Honesty trainer-in-training, Personal & Relationship Coach, Tantra Massage Therapist certified by Somananda Tantra School, transformative workshops leader. She offers transformational work based on Gestalt Psychotherapy, Tantra Yoga & Conscious Touch. She is a founder of Deep Healing Tantra Retreat and a visionary organization TransformWork – Workshops & Retreats that focuses on creating spaces of transformative nature in order to establish and export a new culture for living, working & relating.

Jura has a gentle and calm way of leading workshops that support people in complete relaxation and evokes deep meditative states that bring powerful insights and transformation. She is often called a wizard of human behavior & people gatherer. Jura includes therapeutic bodywork, dance, movement and conscious touch in her work. Her workshops often end up in consensual cuddle puddles and/or massage circles.

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