Deep Healing Tantra

If I ask you to name all the things you love the most in your life, how long will it take you to name yourself?
This is the ultimate retreat for Deep Nurturing, (Self-)Love and Empowerment.

How willing are you to give & receive Love?
How connected do you feel with the people in your life?
How confident do you feel in what you do?
How much do you trust your decisions?
How satisfied are you with your relationships… with yourself and your partner?
Do you want to feel vibrant, alive, open and Loving?
Do you want a truly deep connection to your partner and people in your life?

If these questions ring a bell to you, this retreat is for you. Now follow the calling.

This is a self-love and empowerment retreat where you get to clear your mind, cleanse your body and nurture your soul from the weight of limiting beliefs and negativity, replacing your daily habits with active and passive meditations, healthy vegan love food, and a deep nurturing connection practices in group of intimacy junkies. You will learn the Tantra-way to Life and Relationships.

You will boost your energy, discover ways of connection you didn’t know existed and find the soft place within you where you feel at home. No more running, suppressing and withholding. This retreat will support you to end ignorance and start a journey in reality – life of sensuality and variety of relating!


This retreat is consensual and you will be encouraged to express your boundaries and desires, i.e. you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want. According to the group dynamics and the feeling of connection and safety, this retreat will include nudity of the facilitators on the last day in the Tantric Massage DEMO.

Understanding of intimacy varies from person to person. As far as we know, for some contact improvisation can be unbearably intimate as for others it is as intimate as eating icecream. Emphasis of this retreat is your empowerment and full nurturing. You design your retreat. You will have as much intimacy and connection as you dare to ask for it and allow yourself to receive it.

No. You will be encouraged not to have sex or self-pleasure yourself in your usual ways throughout the duration of the retreat. It is part of re-conditioning yourself and changing experiential understanding of sex, energy and pleasure.

Find the upcoming retreat here.


“Puuuh… don’t know where to start, what to say. So many sensations and so little words to describe what’s inside me now. I can feel now. I mean – I CAN FEEL ME NOW! […]
To share the first time in life with a guy true feelings, talking about fears, anger… without shame… and to really do what I WANT AND FEEL TO DO (not to think), just trying to be myself instead of trying to don’t be “myself”, This is so so so amazing! It will be a long way but now I know where to walk. And this is the biggest present I’ve ever got in my life! Thank you so much for meeting you and all this wonderful people! ” – she asked not to reveal her name yet.

“Thank you sooo much for this great experiences. It touched me really, really, deep. And I’m so grateful for that. You should change the name into “Really Deep Tantra”…It feels wonderful to be connected so much more with my self and other souls. For me, you and Michael and Ananda are Magic-Souls (Zauber-Seelen). It’s amazing how you create such a space, where it was possible for me to come home, to show myself my pains and start healing them. I love you! And I love me ❤️It’s so wonderful, Jura, it feels so good if I can be honest and stay with me and also stay in love. I love this process, I’m in it, really!!!” – Diana

“I realized how, paradoxically, a lack of boundaries can be keeping one from experiencing authentic bonds; how frames can be beautifully set in order to surrender in a fulfilling expanded juicy sensation of unity.  Freedom and openness took another perspective for me. I feel the workshop brought me a step towards self love, a step to grounded sacredness into connections.” – Camila