Are you being driven by your mind?

Who is in control?

Do you suffer from a constant chatter of the monkey mind?

Do you struggle to feel your body? Feel your needs?

This is a dynamic meditation, a practice with strong visualizations and guidance to direct attention to your inner evolution. With carefully selected music of certain frequency and movement, you can get in touch with your core-self.

It’s a beautiful meditation to slow down, relax, rejuvenate, reconnect with yourself, come back to your body, your heart and re-start the day. It’s a one-hour long reset button for your being. It’s an SPA for your soul. Give yourself a present of being present. This is the time for you and only you.
This meditation evokes powerful realizations and insights. Please bring a notebook and pen to write them down if you’d like to hold on to them for longer.
Question, concerns, suggestions don’t hesitate to address Jura via email workshops(at)