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I’ve started Radical Honesty in Berlin as a project in 2014 to explore life by telling the truth with my friends. This is how I got to know Radical Honesty by a clinical psychotherapist Brad Blanton PhD.

After attending a week-long Radical Honesty workshop with Brad in Greece and getting a set of exercises to play with, I started offering workshops to practice Radical Honesty in Berlin. I used Authentic Relating games and Body awareness exercises. For 2 years I couldn’t answer myself what is Radical Honesty and why do I do it. Whatever explanation I picked up with, that wasn’t it. The journey within has already began.

Now, after 3 years of practicing Radical Honesty, sharing with people the philosophy behind it, giving free talks and workshops all over Europe, living and working with the master trainer Taber Shadburne MA in California and organizing transformational workshops for him and other trainers, I finally get it. It’s experiential! I had to made a hell lot of experiences to settle with an explanation. After these years of playful practice, starting with 2 people on board, I have more than 700 people community in Berlin and in Lithuania, of which most of them I know intimately and in person. Wanna join this tribe?

What is Radical Honesty?

Radical Honesty is a kind of communication that is direct, complete, open and expressive. Radical Honesty means you tell the people in your life what you’ve done or plan to do, what you think, and what you feel. It’s the kind of authentic sharing that creates the possibility of love and intimacy.

Read more about it online www.radicalhonesty.com or find the books below.

How does it work in Berlin?

I facilitate three events for practicing radical honesty in Berlin in combination with practices of body awareness and authentic relating. My events are experiential and experimental. I flow with the group dynamics, therefore every event is different and so are the outcomes.

The base for every event is me supporting you in telling the truth, challenging your beliefs, testing assumptions, expressing oneself fully and implementing changes in real life relationships.

What is a non-trainer in playing?

To become a Radical Honesty trainer, one must attend 8-day workshop in Honesty and RH trainer’s training in the U.S. conducted by Brad and Radical Honesty Enterprises, which costs in between $2000 to $3000.

“You’re too smart to be a trainer. You need to get dumber” – Brad told me in the trainer’s training Feb 2017. He also told me he doesn’t want me to work with people. I appreciated his feedback and then resented him for that the next day. Sucks, or maybe not, because people want to work with me and so I want you to know that I’m not a trainer and I have my months of disappearance, this is when I go crazy and can’t get dumb enough to honestly relate to people until I ground myself somewhere away from cities :)

I call myself an imitation holder – spreading the word providing short transformational experiences and a taste of Radical Honesty. Good? Bad? Who know the ways of God…

There are more non-trainers in playing who are amazing conscious fucked-up in heir own unique way humans offering similar practices and also exercises from Radical Honesty workshops. You can connect to Aleksandra Piela (workshops in German) and Joe Jung (Authentic Relating Games night, Urban Joy, Meditation Tree Berlin founder) and Michael Kreuzwieser (Copenhagen – Berlin).

The closest trainers are Christoph Fink (Munich, Germany), Marvin SchulzSebastian James (Prague, Czech Republic) and Tuulia Syvanen (Finland, Holland, and overall Europe).

Practice Radical Honesty with Jura Glo

These are the workshops based on Radical Honesty that I carry within me and offer in Berlin, Lithuania and overall where I go. I wish to make these clickable with more information but this time you got to trust me that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for in every each of these workshops, no matter what I promise it to be like in the description.

be you. the world will adjust

Telling the Truth

sculpture breaks free

Body Awareness

Playing with splash by Angela Muliani Hartojo

Self-Expression and Befriending the Internal Judge

Other events based on Radical Honesty


Radical Honesty Dating Night

For singles who want to mingle without deception. This event revolutionizes contemporary dating ideas.


Naked Workshop + Body Painting after-party

For overcoming limiting beliefs, releasing emotions and exposing prejudices toward our bodies and social conventions. A healing evening with beauty and colors.

conscious touch

Conscious Touch Workshop

A flow workshop for releasing emotions, connecting to our hearts with self-pleasure ritual, introduction to Wheel of Consent and Art of Giving Pleasure, guiding touch experience of giving, taking, allowing, and receiving.


GeniTalk – SexTalk. Sexual Healing and Conscious Relating

Based on Magic of Love courses by Nadav Or and Kabira Karlijn Kouwenhoven, this is a guided meditation practice to come back home to yourself, your sisters and brothers and share what we’ve been conditioned to be ashamed of – our bodies and our sexual beings. This is a special combination of Tantra and Sexual education in a safe environment to heal, expand and connect human to human.

Objectives for my work

  • to become aware of our stories of ourselves and who we think we are.
  • to be active rather than reactive to life situations.
  • to articulate how we feel, separating body sensations from emotions.
  • to distinguish between reality and imagination.
  • to divide attention for the purpose of being present.
  • to express resentments and appreciations.
  • to recognize and take over the responsibility of the quality of our lives and relationships.

My goal is change and intimacy through sharing that is conscious, visible, measurable, applicable, radical and revolutionary.

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Books that might transform your life “Radical Honesty” and “Practicing Radical Honesty.”

“The Sufis” Book by Idries Shah.

Read more about Brad Blanton and the concept of radical honesty.

Read my experience of learning to live by telling the truth.

When people stop pretending, they can powerfully create their future together

Brad Blanton