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TransformWork is a visionary organization that promotes work based on (Self-)Love and (Self-)Care first and works as an umbrella for transformational workshops and retreats which are primarily oriented in providing the best experiential life changing and paradigm shifting experiences.

At the moment I work with several projects and I produce a bunch of transformational workshops, conscious events and retreats which are all scattered over different names and countries.

This is an organization Page to put them all in one place so you can get updates about every event I’m manifesting with amazing international teachers in the upcoming months.

I also share work of other powerful and transformative people all over the globe. These events are 100% approved by my experience and I guarantee their wickedness and transformative nature.

I’m nomadic, which means at the moment I don’t have a constant living place, I move from city to city, country to country. This way aligns to my purpose at this point in life. This also gives me opportunity to share my work in different parts of the world. Very inspiring for myself! I’m grateful. You can invite me to your city, I’m pleased to share my work in places needed. Please contact me via email for that jura(at)

  • If you want to co-create a paradigm shifting event, workshop and/or retreat, contact me. I’m open for new experiences and I love teaming-up.

  • If you’d like to get my feedback of your practice, you can invite me to your event, workshop or retreat so I can see how we can work together and/or I can support you in your expansion in some ways that feels good for both of us.

  • If you want to share your practice through this community page, please write me first. I’m a huge hypocrite-hippopotamus and am very selective over mindfulness work of others. Yes, my approach to work is radical and my integrity is to provide experiences that are truly transformational.

  • If you’d like to get a private session with me, please make sure you know what you want and you can ask for it, and you are open and ready to take action that might change your life – your perception and life/workstyle.


I obtained my knowledge through direct experience and this is the kind of education and professionalism I’d like to support you in. DIY living.

I’m a social entrepreneur and a huge fan of gift economy. Which means that I value my time and energy and I evaluate it with money, which is often arbitrary and don’t make sense. If you struggle to afford my workshops or retreats, contact me and we’ll find a solution that feels good for both of us.

So far so much. I’m so excited to serve you from all my heart, except the times when I’m heartbroken or hurt in other ways. In those days I’m not available and your support to me is very appreciated :)

Much Love and fluffy Cuddles,

Jura Luna Glow

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