About Jura Glo

Who am I?

With over ten years of experience guiding individuals and couples worldwide, I specialize in supporting those impacted by complex trauma.  

My background as a certified complex trauma professional, somatic coach, and facilitator of honest relating allows me to address the specific challenges trauma creates in relationships.

My personal experience navigating cults, institutional betrayal, and manipulative individuals has given me a unique understanding of the psychological and emotional impact of these dynamics. This translates into my work, where I help my clients identify core issues and co-create solutions within a safe and supportive environment.

Transparency and authenticity are fundamental to my approach. I am committed to working with an anti-oppressive framework, ensuring that my clients feel respected and empowered throughout the healing process.

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Principles & Methods

NARM - Neuroaffective Model for Healing Complex Trauma

Developmental Approach to Couples Coaching

NICABM - National Institute of the Clinical Application of Behavior Medicine

The 4 Pillars of Ethical Coaching™ & Counselling

Anti-Oppression Framework


My mission is to equip individuals with the essential skills needed to cultivate resilient and authentic relationships. I specialize in trauma-informed coaching, providing guidance to help my clients navigate the intricacies of their emotional landscapes and relationship dynamics. I aim to lead in this field, empowering clients to establish connections built on trust, open communication, mutual respect, and emotional intimacy.

Through my coaching, I envision a society where individuals not only embrace authenticity but actively practice it in their interactions. I aim to facilitate open and honest communication that fosters genuine connection, leading to solace and empowerment on the journey of self-discovery.

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Core Values


I am a certified professional with extensive experience in complex trauma and relationship dynamics. I continuously deepen my knowledge to provide the highest quality coaching.


I believe in the power of honesty and transparency. I approach my clients with genuine authenticity, creating a safe space for self-expression and healing.


My coaching is designed to empower individuals and couples, helping them reclaim agency over their emotions, boundaries, and relationships.


I foster emotional resilience in my clients, guiding them to navigate life's challenges with clear boundaries and dignity.

Effective Communication

I prioritize effective communication as a cornerstone of healthy relationships and teach clients how to navigate difficult conversations.


I assist clients in rediscovering their true selves, free from shame and guilt, and help them build fulfilling, independent lives.

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