Process-oriented Psychosomatic Coaching

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Individual & Relationship Coaching

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Relationships & Couples Coaching

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Repair Relationships & Heal Developmental Trauma

My coaching offers tailored support for enhancing self-esteem, emotional well-being, and personal growth while fostering authentic and fulfilling relationships.

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Gain understanding of your nervous system and learn techniques to regulate your emotions. Develop a heightened awareness of your body and your mind.

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Improved Relationships:

Enhance your capacity to connect with both yourself and others. Learn to assert your needs and boundaries effectively.

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Communication Skills:

Strengthen your ability to communicate honestly and clearly, fostering better relationships with those around you.

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Personal Growth:

Develop the capacity to tolerate expansion, embrace your growth, and tackle daily challenges with support.

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Emotional Resilience:

Build the ability to trust others and be more comfortable with vulnerability.

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Embody a sense of authority and autonomy in your life, making decisions with confidence.

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Love and Relationships:

Explore and integrate love and sexuality in a healthy manner, and work through issues like rejection and heartbreak.

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Trauma Awareness:

Understand the symptoms of developmental trauma and recognize how they impact your relationships and daily life.

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Shame and Guilt:

Learn to decipher the messages conveyed by shame and guilt, and develop strategies to work with them constructively rather than resist them.

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