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Relationships & Couples Coaching

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Heal From Trauma, Build Strong Relationships

Do you find the effects of past trauma impacting your relationships and emotional well-being? You're not alone. Many individuals and couples struggle with complex trauma, leading to difficulties with self-esteem, authentic relating, and intimacy.

My coaching is tailored to your individual needs, helping you restore the missing capacities for love, trust, and connection.

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Understand the impact of complex trauma on your relationships and daily life. Develop the flexibility to manage powerful emotions and build trust in yourself and others.

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Empowered Relationships:

Develop self-awareness to improve communication, set boundaries, and cultivate empathy. Navigate tricky situations with clarity and confidence.

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Effective Communication:

Practice expressing yourself honestly and assertively. Enhance your ability to listen, show compassion, and address core issues head-on.

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Personal Growth:

Gain valuable knowledge, support, and tools for self-reflection and growth. Discover your inner strength and make confident choices aligned with your core values.

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Healthy Love and Intimacy:

Explore healthy ways to integrate love and sexuality into your life. Work through issues like love addiction, loss of desire, rejection, and heartbreak.

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Shame and Guilt Integration:

Understand the messages behind shame and guilt. Learn to manage these emotions constructively and build self-compassion.

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