Relationships & Couples Coaching

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When do conflicts show up?

Some conflicts indicate the need for change, and sometimes change is scary. I help couples navigate conflicts and uncertainty that come with change. Most couples report feeling unhappy due to their

  • Broken interpersonal communication,
  • Lack of connection
  • Compromised self-fulfillment

I work with couples and help them establish healthy and productive communication patterns, grow together, and be fulfilled with themselves.

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Why do relationships end?

Most relationships end when one or both partners feel that they cannot talk to each other anymore, they feel alone in the relationship, or, eventually, when they can't recognise themselves in this relationship.

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How can I help?

I teach couples how to recognise and own their needs, express them in the moment, and process feelings when difficulties come up. This way, it doesn't leave hangups from the past and eliminates build-ups.

Also, I introduce couples with consensual vs. commando communication which builds awareness and increases trust in the capacity of having uncomfortable conversations.

I help couples to grow together by establishing regular resentment clean-ups, creating moments for re-connection, and having frequent desire sharing.

Lastly, I help people to fall back in love with themselves by slowly building their independence from their partner, rediscovering their passions, and releasing self-judgments.

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"The unique aspect of Jura's coaching is that I feel really heard and understood."

"She's not intervening or trying to steer me somewhere. She holds me in a soft and compassionate space where I become aware of how hard I am on myself, and that hardness turns into softness. 

Anna Swagermann, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Jura is incredibly well-versed in the topics of trauma, coercion, and abuse.”

She has a deep understanding of the impact of these experiences on individuals and families, and she is able to provide compassionate and supportive care. She is also a highly creative facilitator, and she is able to design and deliver interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of her clients.

Rose Owen, Aberdeen, Scotland
“Working with Jura has been incredibly transformational for me.”

She’s very knowledgeable and has done a lot of research on topics such as narcissistic abuse and emotional neglect. She opened my eyes to things I was not able to see and accept about myself.

Laura, Madrid, Spain
“The most unique aspect of Jura's work is how well-attuned she is to herself and others.”

Her coaching is very much on point: she notices my relating patterns and suggests resources to address my core challenges and help me understand myself better. I think Jura is very real with me, and I feel very well understood by her. I tend to disassociate, and I don't always know how I feel in the moment. Jura brings my awareness, helps me stay present, and have a sense of groundedness in my experience.

Basak Durgan, Michigan, The U.S.
“Jura planted a little seed of compassion in me."

I developed a different attitude towards my smoking and drinking; I started to treat myself with gentle compassion. When I deflect, distract, or blame others, Jura gently shows me a way to get back to my center, and later, I know how to do it on my own. I think Jura is very present. She leads by example, and simply relating to her is already helpful. She gives space for people to safely show up with seemingly the most horrible aspects of themselves and start healing.

Venu, Munich, Germany
“What stands out to me about working with Jura is her deep understanding of developmental trauma and all its nuances.”

Jura gently encouraged me to try on new behaviors as an experiment, which at first seemed outlandish to my people-pleasing parts. However, after putting this into practice, I noticed shifts in patterns that I’d been struggling with for years. I've begun to feel much more empowered, especially when asking for what I want or need from others.

Amy Welch, London, UK

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