Individual & Relationship Coaching

Price:  €150 / HOUR

Who is this for?

Ideally, you have some prior experience with personal development and self-awareness. I can help you if you struggle to create close bonds with people, worry about how others perceive you, suffer from low self-esteem, feel disconnected from those closest to you, have experienced abusive relationships, and need to be seen and validated with your struggles.

If you want to foster the comfort and courage of honesty, authenticity, and ease in your relationships - I can help

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I often work with
people who are

  • Seeking approval from friends, family, and societal norms.
  • Feeling frequently overwhelmed and having difficulty identifying emotions.
  • Experiencing a disconnection from one's bodily sensations.
  • Struggling to establish and maintain personal boundaries.
  • Experiencing shame and guilt related to desires and requests.
  • Avoiding conflict and shying away from initiating important conversations.
  • Desiring to take up space in the world and create meaningful change.
  • Feeling like something is missing despite previous personal development efforts.
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How do I coach?

The coaching process is structured into several key steps. I begin with a free assessment call to establish a mutual understanding of your needs and goals. If we determine that I can assist you, we will discuss the logistics of working together, such as the number of sessions, scheduling, methodology, and expected outcomes.

Throughout the coaching, I utilize the NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) framework. This involves identifying your desires, exploring obstacles, and promoting present-moment awareness to help you better understand and manage your thoughts and emotions. I employ various techniques to help you process emotions and triggers as they arise during the exploration.

Additionally, I focus on regulating your nervous system and encourage feedback at the end of sessions to assess what was helpful and what wasn't. It's important to note that my coaching is not a substitute for therapy or long-term counseling, and I do not diagnose or prescribe medication. If necessary, I may refer you to a licensed professional. The typical coaching duration ranges from one to six months, focusing on delivering results and concluding the coaching relationship, although you can return for additional coaching on specific issues in the future.

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"The unique aspect of Jura's coaching is that I feel really heard and understood."

"She's not intervening or trying to steer me somewhere. She holds me in a soft and compassionate space where I become aware of how hard I am on myself, and that hardness turns into softness. 

Anna Swagermann, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Jura is incredibly well-versed in the topics of trauma, coercion, and abuse.”

She has a deep understanding of the impact of these experiences on individuals and families, and she is able to provide compassionate and supportive care. She is also a highly creative facilitator, and she is able to design and deliver interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of her clients.

Rose Owen, Aberdeen, Scotland
“Working with Jura has been incredibly transformational for me.”

She’s very knowledgeable and has done a lot of research on topics such as narcissistic abuse and emotional neglect. She opened my eyes to things I was not able to see and accept about myself.

Laura, Madrid, Spain
“The most unique aspect of Jura's work is how well-attuned she is to herself and others.”

Her coaching is very much on point: she notices my relating patterns and suggests resources to address my core challenges and help me understand myself better. I think Jura is very real with me, and I feel very well understood by her. I tend to disassociate, and I don't always know how I feel in the moment. Jura brings my awareness, helps me stay present, and have a sense of groundedness in my experience.

Basak Durgan, Michigan, The U.S.
“Jura planted a little seed of compassion in me."

I developed a different attitude towards my smoking and drinking; I started to treat myself with gentle compassion. When I deflect, distract, or blame others, Jura gently shows me a way to get back to my center, and later, I know how to do it on my own. I think Jura is very present. She leads by example, and simply relating to her is already helpful. She gives space for people to safely show up with seemingly the most horrible aspects of themselves and start healing.

Venu, Munich, Germany
“What stands out to me about working with Jura is her deep understanding of developmental trauma and all its nuances.”

Jura gently encouraged me to try on new behaviors as an experiment, which at first seemed outlandish to my people-pleasing parts. However, after putting this into practice, I noticed shifts in patterns that I’d been struggling with for years. I've begun to feel much more empowered, especially when asking for what I want or need from others.

Amy Welch, London, UK

Where to start?

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